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I suffer from this and tolio. Also kneesles.


A made up injury to get out of doing something.

Jayce didn’t feel like practicing soccer so he told the coach he had pretendonitis.

Two are in Tennessee

Sadly, I've haven't visited many of these. To be specific, I've only seen Natural Bridge and Devil's Tower. 86 to go. I'll keep this bookmarked for my retirement. From
88 Weird Tourist Attractions Across America
THE LOST SEA | TENNESSEE The Lost Sea in Sweetwater is America's largest underground body of water. The extent of this freshwater lake is unknown, but its upper chamber covers nearly 5 acres at depths of 70 feet. Admission, including a glass-bottom-boat tour, is $20 for adults, $11 for kids.

THE MINDFIELD' | TENNESSEE "The Mindfield" is an outdoor sculpture made of salvaged steel that stretches to cover about an acre and reaches more than 125 feet into the air. It's the work of Billy Tripp, a local Brownsville artist who began construction in 1989 and has said he will continue to add to the sculpture until he dies.

Reversing English enrollments

At the University of Kentucky. There, it appears to boil down to teaching excellence. Doesn't it always? From the Chronicle of Higher Education.
Bring out the big guns to teach nonmajors. The most crucial thing — and perhaps the hardest change to effect — is to have the department’s best and most experienced professors teach introductory and general-education courses on a regular basis. Gen-ed courses are where humanities departments fight for majors and should be used as recruiting opportunities.  In our department, that involved expanding our film and creative-writing offerings. We have increased our film offerings every semester for the past five years to take full advantage of faculty members who are able to teach in this area. A new introductory creative-writing course, which meets a gen-ed requirement, also proved extremely popular. Many first-year students who never thought much of writing fall in love with the idea …

The Cooking Channel's Map of State Foods


Infographic Friday


Put a houseplant in your office

And here all I've got is a lousy artificial plant. And a salt lamp. Maybe that counts as natural. From
Why natural scenery improves your mood and makes you more productive We tend to think about productivity as a product of a person’s inner motivation and work ethic; some people are naturally harder workers than others, and should be rewarded for their better performance. This reward can, in turn, encourage more productivity from others, who might be motivated by external, tangible rewards than they are from the internal satisfaction of a “job well done.”  However, recent evidence suggests that productivity is the result of a far more complicated set of variables. Some of these are well beyond your control, like intrinsic motivation, and some are only indirectly modifiable, like employee health and physical wellbeing.  Rather than focusing on these as priorities, it’s usually best to focus on small improvements that are well within your control; they’re inexpensive, st…