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New chair of ACHE Great Plains

Paula Hogard, Dean of Lifelong Learning at the University of Tulsa, is the new Chair of ACHE Great Plains.Paula is a native of England, a talented continuing educator, and fun to talk to. For your continuing education, here is a list of British words not widely used in America:abseil--to descend on a rope (US: rappel).
agony aunt--the author of an agony column – a magazine or newspaper column advising on readers' personal problems. The image presented was originally that of an older woman providing comforting advice and maternal wisdom, hence the name "aunt". Better known to most Americans as a "Dear Abby" column. (US: advice column).
berk-- a mildly derogatory term for a silly person. The word is an abbreviation of either 'Berkshire Hunt' or 'Berkeley Hunt' (it is uncertain which is the original phrase), (Note that 'berk' rhymes with 'work', whereas the first syllable of both 'Berkshire' and 'Berkeley' is pronounc…

More from beneath the great plains

Here I am in the Park underground. I can't get cell phone service nor connect to the internet, so I'm feeling a bit cut off from the world. It's a pleasant, clean environment. After a while, though, you miss the sunlight, you wonder about radon gas. And the inner English major in me is reminded of Dante's descent: Midway in our life's journey, I went astray from the straight road and woke to find myself alone in a dark wood. - The Divine Comedy, Inferno Heavy....

No bunker mentality

The ACHE Great Plains regional conference is meeting at Park University in the Parkville Commercial Underground. An old limestone mine, the facility has been converted for several university and commercial purposes, including the College for Distance Learning. It's an amazing facility, part Flintstones and part Bat Cave. Park has a long history of serving adult learners, and it currently serves 25,000 students--65% military and 85% adults. Running on multiple calendars, Park University holds 38 commencements a year.

ACHE Great Plains

Here we are at the ACHE Great Plains conference in the lobby of the Drury Inn in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm standing next to Charles Hickox, who has just taken a new position as Dean at Eastern Kentucky University. Welcome to ACHE South, Charles, where we drive buggies in grocery stores, wear toboggans on our heads, and display tags on our automobiles. The conference starts tomorrow bright and early. I'll post more pictures as it takes place.

ACHE's sister organization

The Canadian Association for University Continuing Education Annual Conference 88 London ON
University of Western Ontario May 28-31, 2008
University Community Engagement: Your Invitation! (Download the Quicktime Movie) 888 I met two fellows from CAUCE at the Roanoke Conference and enjoyed their company. Next year, as ACHE president, I'll get to attend their conference. I need to get my passport...

Continuing your education

Entertainment Weekly's Top 50 Cult MoviesThis Is Spinal Tap (1984) "It's such a fine line between stupid...and clever.""He died in a tragic gardening accident... Authorities said... it's best to leave it... unsolved." The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) "Hi, my name is Brad Majors..." (Asshole!) "...this is my fiancee, Janet Weiss." (Slut!)
Freaks (1932) "Gobble gobble, gobble gobble... We accept her... One of us, one of us..."Harold and Maude (1971) Harold: "You sure have a way with people." Maude: "Well, they're my species!"Pink Flamingos (1972) "Filth are my politics! Filth is my life."See the rest at

On the road again

I'll be traveling to the Tennessee Board of Regents in Nashville, working with the Regents Online Degree Program for the next few days. I chair the RODP Graduate Curriculum Committee, and we are reviewing proposals for new concentrations to the Master of Professional Studies program. On Friday, there is a meeting for RODP MPS faculty and administrators. Here I am helping man a table for the Regents Online Continuing Education program during a workforce development meeting in Johnson City. Pat Moody (standing) and Tachaka Pentecost (seated) are making me look good.

Accepted....and thoughts on education movies

Caught the 2006 movie Accepted on cable last week. The plot, if you didn't know, revolves around Bartleby Gaines, who gets rejected from every college he applies to. To appease his parents, he and several friends create a website for the South Harmon Institute of Technology--S.H.I.T. accepts Bartleby so he can make peace with his folks. Unfortunately for the friends, the website is active so hundreds of students apply online and--since the website says no students are rejected--everyone is admitted. Unremarkably, the rest of the film chronicles the creation of the college, the learning that takes place, the fight for "accreditation," and the eventual continued operation of the experimental institution.

Also saw Take the Lead (2006). In this film, based on a true story, Antonia Banderas, is a successful dance instructor who volunteers to teach ballroom dancing at an urban high school to students in detention. They get good enough to enter a ballroom dancing contest.

CE in Big EZ

The University Continuing Education Association (UCEA) will be holding its 93rd annual meeting in New Orleans on March 26-29. Keynoters include Donna Brazile, Timothy Beatley, and Chas. W. Freeman. Information:


Continuing your education

I had forgotten that Indiana Jones was a part-time faculty member...

Neighboring meetings

The Georgia Adult Education Association is an association with membership from universities, colleges, technical institutes, government, business & industry, professional associations, involved in the continuing education and training of Georgia citizens. Information: ***** _____ ***** ***** NORTH CAROLINA ADULT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 2008 NCAEA Conference
Adult Education Programs: Do They Work for Working Adults?
East Carolina University
Greenville, North Carolina
March 12-14, 2008
The purpose of the North Carolina Adult Education Association is to support the professional development of adult and continuing educators in North Carolina. Information:

LERN's New Boomer Market for CE

The Learning Resource Network has a new White Paper on The New Boomer Market for Continuing Education with advice on designing programs for boomers. Programming for boomers, they point out, is not the same as programming for senior citizens.

LERN's Julie Coates gives the following tips for reaching this 78 million person market:

Do not mention age in your promotions. Nothing about prime time, mid-life, later life, retirement, 50 plus.Do not attempt to integrate your boomer offerings with those of senior program, including LIR and Osher offerings. Market boomer offerings separately.Provide intellectually stimulating topics in science, psychology, philosophy, literature, politics, media, and history.Market quality faculty.Charge higher prices that convey the sense of qualities that boomers want.Email Tammy Peterson at with any questions or call LERN at 800-678-5376.
(Am I the only Boomer that cringes a bit at the attention we call to ourselves--i.e. that Dennis Hopper t…

Free webinar on adult education and engagement

Forwarded from Teva Berryman:

Please join us for a FREE Webinar hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education and InsideTrack on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 at 11:00 AM Pacific and 2:00 PM Eastern.
This one-hour Webinar Adult Education: Promising new practices that dramatically improve Student Engagement and Retention will feature:

Dr. Christopher E. Hopey, Vice President and Dean, School of Professional and
Continuing Studies, Northeastern University
Kai Drekmeier, President, InsideTrack Pressure is rising to improve retention and graduation rates, especially for Continuing Ed and Online Programs. Adult students have special challenges with competing demands for their time from study, family, work, financial concerns and other commitments. In this session, learn how success coaching can improve retention by helping students focus on improved time management, academic deadlines, and overcoming challenges. Additionally, you'll learn:
the latest strategies on student coaching for student eng…

Wooing adults

Amy Johnson sent me this article and note:

Interesting article about adults in higher ed, that we may want to consider
when we are thinking about our recruitment plan...

This article, "Colleges Woo Adults Who Have Some Credits but No Degree"
is available online at this address:

When we added online degrees to our more traditional, longstanding adult degree programs, we noticed that our students began trending younger. In our Bachelor of Professional Studies program, one concentration is primarily male. This is causing us to rethink our marketing and the images we use in our advertisements. I'd be interested in hearing if this is a trend nationwide among adult-focused degree programs.

Continuing your education

Tom Wallace is a TACHE colleague, first-rate bartender, bagpiper, and teaches research online in our Master of Professional Studies Program. He is also a descendant of William Wallace aka Braveheart.

Which is just a way to introduce this link which answers the question of just what Scots wear under those kilts…

CE in Louisiana this spring

The Louisiana Association for Continuing Higher Education (LACHE) is an organization dedicated to providing continuing higher education opportunities for the citizens of Louisiana.
Lifelong learning, professional excellence, and service guide the mission of the Louisiana Association for Continuing Higher Education.
Annual Meeting
Monroe, LA
May 1, 2008
This year's annual meeting is being hosted by the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

When last I saw Paris...

I'm scheduled to receive a new computer on Valentine's Day, a gift from ETSU, not my valentine. We have been warned that only our My Documents file will be transferred to the new computer--but no pictures or music files. So I'm going through old digital photos and either putting them on a portable hard drive or dissolving them into the Internet ether. So I may post some of the more interesting ones. This picture was taken at the TACHE East meeting a couple of years ago.

Continuing your education, those interested in the economic impact of Paris Hilton can visit the following sites:

Call for student research abstracts

The Appalachian Student Research Forum is a regional competition in which participants present their research in a formal setting. The Forum is open to undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, as well as post-docs, residents, and fellows from universities and colleges across the Appalachian region. The Forum will take place on April 2-3, 2008, at the Center at Millennium Park in Johnson City, Tennessee.

The deadline for poster presentations is March 14, 2008; for 0ral presentations (medical residents, post-docs, and graduate students only) February 28, 2008. There are several divisions of poster presentations in the following categories: arts and humanities; biomedical sciences; natural sciences and mathematics; and social and behavioral sciences.

Submit abstracts and register online at

Email questions to

Hear keynoter Carol Aslanian

I'm looking forward to hearing Carol, who always does a great job. I'll be
there to carry the flag for ACHE and do a brief presentation.

The details:

ACHE Great Plains Region Annual Conference

Identifying Markets to Meet "Customer" Needs
February 28-29, 2008
Park University - Parkville, MO

View the Brochure

For more information on Carol and the Aslanian Group, visit

ACHE South conference

The University of Mississippi cordially invites you to the

ACHE South
2008 Spring Conference
Tunica, MS, April 7-9, 2008

We're Golden and Grand this year as we convene in the enigmatic Mississippi Delta for our 2008 Spring Conference. Join your fellow ACHE South members for informative meetings and presentations, networking opportunities, and sightseeing in the Mississippi Delta where roots run deep and history and culture have intertwined to create a place unique to the world. We have a great program and excursions that you don't want to miss. See old friends, make new ones, and fill your rolodex with useful contacts and people resources. Experience the culture of the blues and the Mississippi Delta as you can only do in person.

New College in California near closing

Calling itself the "most progressive school in San Francisco," New College is no longer operating although it hopes to work with students to complete classes. Hard times fell after the Western Association of Schools and Colleges placed it on probation last summer. In our material world, it seems degrees in activism and social change and writing and consciousness just don't draw students like they used to...

ANTSHE in Tennessee in three weeks

Our own Middle Tennessee State University is hosting the eleventh annual Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education Conference:

Choosing to Thrive No Matter What!
February 29 - March 2, 2008
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

For complete conference information and to register today click here!
For more info email:

According to its website, ANTSHE is an international partnership of students, academic professionals, institutions, and organizations whose mission is to encourage and coordinate support, education, and advocacy for the adult learner. This is a mission many ACHE and TACHE members who work in online and nontraditional degree programs share. And check out the keynote speaker. She’s kinda hot…

Union University devastation

A tornado struck Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, Tuesday evening about seven o'clock, trapping 13 students in dorms that collapsed. All have been freed from the debris. TACHE members Beverly Absher, Keelan Cook, Carol Griffith, and Rachel Kuykendall work at Union. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them and all the friends, family, students, faculty, and staff at Union as they rebuild. Less that six years ago, on November 10, 2002, a tornado had also hit Union with only slight damage. Donations of food, hygiene items and money are needed by the American Red Cross, according to Jackson-Madison County Emergency Management Agency Director Marty Clements. To donate, call (731) 427-5543.

No more redneck palm pilot

IRS regulations and reporting made it impractical for my university to keep supplying me a cell phone for business purposes. Since I had to change anyway, I took the opportunity buy a new iPhone. I love it! My only problem has been when I synched it with my iTunes account, I added songs that my sons had purchased, and I can't seem to figure out how to delete them. So I was a little dismayed when Snoop Dog and the "n" word came out over the speakers of my new toy. Anyway, I can now get rid of my old cell phone and palm pilot.

Looking for a new continuing education job?

It's essential to have a good vitae. A good guide for review or for helping you put together your first vitae can be found in the Curriculum Vitae Guide from Florida State University's Career Center:

The University of Virginia is looking for a Dean. I love Charlottesville and the university, even if they do act like Thomas Jefferson is still alive...

Bush's last budget plan

President Bush's 2009 Fiscal Year Budget could hurt continuing education programs. While Pell Grant funding is increased and TRIO Programs frozen, Vocational and Adult Education programs are slashed. Visit for more information.

Teamwork isn't everything

Sometimes you need training, too.

In the new AEQ

Radical Questioning on the Long Walk to Freedom: Nelson Madela and the Practice of Critical Reflection - Stephen BrookfieldWomen Learning in Garment Work: Solidarity and Sociality - Tara FenwickKnowledge Networking: A Dilemma in Building Social Capital Through Nonformal Education - Mona Shrestha, Steve Wilson, and Michael SinghLearning Through Particpatory Resource Management Programs: Case Studies From Costa Rica - Laura Sims and John SinclairAdult Education Quarterly: A Journal of Research and Theory, Volume 58, Number 5, February 2008.