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You don't want to see your college on this list

For the second year in a row, Radar Magazine names the University of Bridgeport the worst college in America
Others identified include the Most Superficial Student Body (hint: the University of Spoiled Children) and Ugliest Campus.

Call for presenters

From UB Buzz at

EduComm 2009 Call for Speakers
Planning is under way for EduComm 2009, which will take place June 17-19 at the Orlando Convention Center. The EduComm Conference is a 2-1/2-day event specially designed to address the needs of college and university educational technology, financial, and academic decision-makers, and facilities planners. The program is focused on solutions for maximizing higher education using the latest technology (in the classroom, across the campus, and through distance learning) and giving attendees actionable ideas to save money, increase satisfaction, and improve educational outcomes. Digital content creation, capture, presentation, storage, sharing and collaboration are all important issues to be discussed. Session tracks will focus on "Classroom Technology," "Internet & Web Technology," "AV/IT Facilities Planning & Design," and "Strategies for Success."If y…

Tennessee Board of Regents redesign projects report on first pilots

From the NCAT Learning Marketplace ( ):
On June 5, 2008, the six teams redesigning courses as part of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Course Redesign Initiative met in Nashville, TN, to report on the first of three pilot implementations. With support from the Fund for the improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), the TBR initiative focuses on the redesign of developmental math and English curricula using technology-supported active-learning strategies. Each of the redesign plans is available at

I always thought Dr. Pepper was an Ed.D.


Another November conference

ProEd's 31st Annual Conference
on Management, Executive and
Professional Development Programs

November 21-24, 2008
Hilton Clearwater
Beach Resort
Clearwater Beach, Florida

download and print brochure here.

How to stifle initiative

10 Simple Rules for Crushing Innovation and Maintaining a Culture of Inertia

1. Request a formal written proposal.
2. Send the proposal to a committee.
3. Schedule meetings to discuss the concept.
4. Lose the proposal.
5. No money in the budget.
6. "Have you talked to _____ about it?"
7. "We don't, haven't, won't, can't..."
8. "Sounds exciting, but I'll need more details."
9. "Yes, but..."
10. Quote Nancy Reagan and "just say no."
David Donathan in University Business at

I've got those down-and-dirty-week-before-the-semester-starts-long-student-lines-blues

But a least I'm not reading something like this:
Troubles Test Tennessee State University from the Tennessean at Here's how it begins: Tennessee State University has developed a disregard for student services and its academic reputation that will require "a cultural shift of seismic proportions" to fix, a consulting group hired by the school wrote in a report.

As colleges begin fall semester

Here's a look at some atypical courses.
Cracked's Smash Bros Theory: 6 Absurd Classes Taught at Actual Colleges .
Number 2 is The Science of Superheroes taught at UC Irvine.
I don't know if these courses are actually taught or not, but I've been guilty of teaching unusual courses myself. Courses in science fiction, film noir, and other popular culture topics. As a reformed English major, I tend to see things in genres and categories--and the continuing educator in me sees further categorizes these items into courses that would attract students. In fact, based on this summer's popular movies, I can envision a special topics course entitle Super Hero Films. No course is a waste that enrolls students into my programs....

Have I mentioned I love my iPhone?

Oklahoma Christian U Launches iPhone Program
In March, Oklahoma Christian University announced plans to move from a PC-based one-to-one student laptop program to Apple MacBooks. The MacBook systems were provided to students with both major operating systems, Mac OS X and Windows Vista. Current students welcomed this change and 84 percent opted to pay an upgrade fee, returning their university-issued PC laptop for the new MacBook. As students return to campus beginning August 23, they will also be issued an iPhone or iPod touch. Oklahoma Christian will be one of the first universities issuing these mobile devices. With the switch to Apple, the university will also launch its new mobile web application, “InTouch.” “The InTouch application will give students a mobile portal to course information, campus events, and local entertainment in the palm of their hands,” said Luke Hartman, OC’s academic multimedia specialist. “And since Oklahoma City and Edmond both support AT&T’s 3G network, t…


The 2008 Council for Adult and Experiential Learning Conference.
Runs right after ACHE.

Click here to register for the 2008 CAEL International Conference

Non-athletic sport centered around rednecks

For several years now, the start of ETSU has taken place at the same time as the Bristol Motor Speedway Sharpie 500 just up the road in Bristol, Tennessee. This means that parents moving their freshmen into the dorms cannot spend the night because they are unable to find hotel rooms within 100 miles of the university. (Rooms that rent for $75 are often triple that during Race Weekend. And still sold out.) Although I claim several redneck traits, (; love of NASCAR is not among them.
But if you want to learn about the physics of NASCAR, see How to Win a NASCAR Race at And if you want to continue with the physics theme--albeit with a geeky bent--see Jay's Physics and Star Trek at and Paul Heckert's Indiana Jones and Bad Physics at

Brochure trends

LERN notes this trend in non-credit brochures: More brochures are featuring BIG pictures on inside pages, a new brochure trend, reports LERN brochure expert Nancy Hulverson. She’ll be doing a session on new brochure trends at the LERN conference.

More on credentialing adjunct faculty

T. Maxwell alerted me to the fact that credentialing for adjuncts (I mentioned last week at was not necessarily seen as a good thing. Read about it at The Adjunct Advocate Here's a sample comment:

I am not against certification, per se. I am against this particular form of certification, because it's just a way for SoCafe's owners to make $395 from adjuncts who hope employers will give a rat's tail about such certification.

Last year, this conference was in Maui

NAASS Annual Conference Arlington, VA November 16-19, 2008 Program & Registration materials

"Long distance information, give me

Memphis, Tennessee" * Save the date for the Tennessee Alliance for Continuing Higher Education annual conference. * It seems just like yesterday that we were celebrating the 30th Annual Conference. I still have the T-shirt.

American Association for Adult and Continuing Education

57th Annual Adult & Continuing Education Conference
Creating Your Future Within Our Future November 11-14, 2008 Sheraton Denver Hotel Denver, Colorado
For more information and to make a reservation online click here.

How economists talk about marriage

There are numerous others, and I’m sure our marriage is typical. Indeed, I would think that the minimization of transactions costs is a major source of economies in marriage/partnership; those marriages/partnerships that are successful are those that are better able to reduce the transactions costs inherent in living together.From Freakonomics at

Credentialing for part-time faculty members

Continuing education programs often rely heavily upon adjunct faculty. Now there is an organization that certifies adjunct faculty, the Society of Certified Adjunct Faculty Members or SoCAFE. Here is an exerpt from their website:

To assist adjunct faculty in becoming more effective educators, SoCAFETM offers a knowledge-based certificate.Through research, we have identified 10 Core Competencies adjunct faculty need to be effective educators. We have developed a certification process that provides adjunct faculty a mechanism to demonstrate mastery of these competencies. Successful candidates will earn the designation of Certified Adjunct Faculty Educator (C.A.F.E.). The C.A.F.E. certification is a portable and marketable credential that corroborates your teaching skills and dedication to the profession.

Candy is dandy

Here I am as an M&M. You can be one too at

Mentee is not the plural of mentos

I've mentioned earlier that I've reached the stage in my career where I'm old enough or well-known enough to serve as a mentor for new continuing educators In addition to working with TACHE, I'm also a Regents Academic Leadership Institute Mentor (RALI). In a recent email from Gary Filan, Executive Director of the Chair Academy and member of the Leadership Academy Faciliation Team, he lists some "Overlooked Mentoring Guidelines" that were valuable enough to share:

Get off on the right foot – Avoid creating situations of power and authority by declining offers to sit on the mentee’s committees. Divert barriers by sitting at the same table, next to each other during meetings rather than behind a desk with your arms crossed. Share a few laughs and personal stories to open the relationship, keep good eye contact and be honest. This will create a solid foundation of positive rapport and trust for the mentoring relationship.

Establish bound…

We've known this a long time in continuing education, but

Nonprofit Does NOT Mean Lose Money. See Inside Higher Ed at

Adult students might get a break

Image'sFour Reasons Textbook Costs Will Drop at

1. New Laws 2. E-books 3. Open Source 4. Rentals

SACS qualifications for teaching

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a follow-up article (see an earlier post at on teaching credentials for community colleges (and it applies to four-year schools as well) at
Belle Wheelan, president of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, argues that institutions have more flexibility than they realize:In 2002, she said, the regional accrediting agency abandoned the 80 or so "must" statements it had previously used to assess institutional compliance in favor of about 40 broad-based "principles."

"Of course, institutions can still use the 18-hour rule if they want to, but they're no longer required to do so," she told me. She went on to say that SACS, like other accrediting agencies around the country, has relaxed its standards for evaluating faculty credentials.

"If you have a banker, for instance, who doesn't necessarily have the academic credentials but has successfully run…

Wondering about the hot jobs for older workers?

The 20 Fastest-Growing Jobs for Aging Boomers
Emily BrandonPermanent Link

The job with the highest percentage share of workers age 55 or older? Religous Workers with 32.5 %. Instructional Coordinators is right behind with 32%. Postsecondary Teachers is at 27%.

You may have heard this adult student

Queen's Brian May publishes his dissertation:A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud (Springer and Canopus Publishing Ltd., 2008).

Read more at USA Today'sGuitar Geek
I know a few folks on the 10-year plan, but a 30 year hiatus is unheard of. I wonder what he had to do to validate his old credits? It's just a guess on my part, but I imagine astrophysics has changed a bit since 1978. A little Bohemian Rhapsody, if you please....

Continuing education news at ETSU

Almost half of ETSU enrollment is "non-traditional." Here's an excerpt from the Johnson City Press at

According to the 2007 Adult Learner Inventory survey done on the campus of ETSU, 36 percent of undergraduate students were considered non-traditional adult students, who are defined as being 23 years of age or older. When ETSU’s graduate programs are added in to the figures, the total student body is composed of 46 percent non-traditional students, or 5,872 students. Of those, the ALI indicated that 42 percent work 40 or more hours a week; 52 percent have dependents; 64 percent are full-time students; 71 percent are pursuing a different career; and 81 percent attend class at the main Johnson City campus.
Our division paid for the survey.

On the way home from Orlando

Stopped by Bogart, Georgia--just outside Athens--to see Kyle and Cindy. We went to downtown Athens and I ate at my first vegetarian restaurant: The Grit. I evolved to be a carnivore, but my chili cheese dog was pretty good. Here's a picture of an Uga statue and a sign in the restaurant.