A note from Middle Tennessee State

About their annual Adult Learning Conference.

The 2010 Adult Learning Conference will be held at MTSU from noon February 18 through noon February 19.

The theme this year is "Connecting Adult Learners to Your Campus" We are particularly interested in hearing about your experiences with connecting your students to your campus where you have been using technology, innovative student services, and interactive programs. What do you have to share with others across the state, and even the southeast region?

We are inviting Dr. Kristen Betts, Associate Clinical Professor in the School of Education's Higher Education Program at Drexel University, whom I met at the NACADA conference in San Antonio, TX in October, to present our keynote for the conference. She plans to highlight the factors driving adult learning enrollments and to present a way for personalizing technology-supported programming. She will also share successful strategies to increase adult learner engagement and retention through innovative student services interactive programs such as a virtual tea, alumni lecture series, CEO Leadership Workshop series, and other initiatives.


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