2011 Call for Convention Events

The American Association of Community Colleges is soliciting educational sessions and events for the 91st AACC Annual Convention, April 9-12, 2011, in New Orleans, La.

Sessions and events for the 2011 AACC Convention will only be accepted online. ALL session submissions must be completed by September 20, 2010.

For 2011, the Completion Agenda and the related issue of Accountability will be special priorities for the AACC Board of Directors. Proposals centered on those topics will be given special consideration. To Review AACC's commitment to Completion please see Democracy's Colleges: Call to Action. 

The questions asked on the Call form can be found at the end of the instructions to submit a forum, roundtable, Innovation Theatre, and poster session. Incomplete proposals cannot be considered.
As in the past, registration is required for all panelists. AACC offers a variety of registration options, including daily rates. If you have a question about this policy on behalf of a specific presenter, please send an email to the following address and someone will get back to you: AACCCONVENTION@aacc.nche.edu

 Instructions to submit a business meeting or social event.

 Instructions to submit a forum, roundtable, Innovation Theatre, and poster session.


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