How do adult students get ready for the start of class?

Here's what Older Non-Trad Student says. By the way, she's studying history down at UT.

Once again, what do I do to prepare? This semester is a little different because of Megan's departure and her dad's job loss. I am going to review my previous posts about cutting college costs and getting ready for the semester. In the meantime-

1. I will make sure I have a good support system in place. I am going to take advantage of the Student Counseling Services. There are many services on campus that are free for students - the writing lab, counseling services, etc. They are there for YOUR use - take advantage of them.

2. I will introduce myself to my profs after class and find out where their offices are. Chances are, I may need to pop in and make use of their office hours at some point.

3. I will also take the time to visit a couple of my past history profs. I will need letters of recommendation soon and I need to catch up with some of my profs.

4. I will look for sales on the school supplies I need. I will also watch for sales for Megan. Neither one of us needs all of our notebooks to be from our school - those embossed collegiate notebooks can get expensive! I'm over the novelty of it all, Megan probably is not. She can have two collegiate embossed notebooks!

5. I will make sure both Megan and I have a planner to write down assignment due dates, exam dates, etc. A planner is a major time management tool we both need to take full advantage of.


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