Intrusive advising

Learned about it from Dean Dad:
“Intrusive advisement” is all the rage in the national literature now. I think of it as systematic nagging, though that may say as much about me as it does about intrusive advising. The intrusive model -- yes, they actually call it that -- involves deputizing certain staffers to become a variation on truant officers, chasing down students who miss class to ask them what’s up and help them get back on track before they fall so far behind that there’s just no hope. The whole enterprise strikes me as demeaning and vaguely creepy, but the results I’ve seen suggest that for certain populations, it can actually work.
Although I didn't envision stalking our students, I challenged our academic advisers this summer to develop a "proactive" advising model for this fall.  Rather than simply react to student questions, I wanted them to touch our students several times a month--reminding them of important dates, letting them know where they can get tutoring, linking them with career counseling, and so forth.  We're using a third party vendor, Constant Contact, and I'm anxious to see how it goes. 


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