More on the new TBR chancellor

Now if we could only award him an honorary graduate degree. These links are to The Tennessean.

Incoming TN Regents chancellor John Morgan to take pay cut
Incoming Tennessee Board of Regents Chancellor John Morgan has volunteered to take an $80,000 pay cut, reducing his salary to the $305,000 base the current chancellor earns.

In a letter to the board Wednesday, Morgan said the $385,000 salary he was promised became a "distraction."

The board's decision to pay Morgan more than double his current $180,000 salary as deputy governor had raised eyebrows. The Board of Regents system spent the last year offering buyouts to hundreds of professors and university workers and making painful cuts in programs and services.
Watchdog report: Regents watered down job criteria 10 days before Morgan applied
Morgan said he first began considering a job in higher education governance last winter. He was serving as the governor's representative to the legislature during a special session that hammered out sweeping changes in the K-12 and higher education systems.

"People kept saying, 'You ought to apply,' " he said shortly after the search committee unanimously approved him. "People would say, 'You'd be great at that.' "

One problem. He wasn't actually qualified for the job. Tennessee Board of Regents traditionally require that chancellors must hold a doctorate.

Morgan spent time in graduate school in the 1970s but never earned an advanced degree.

No problem. By February, two identical bills were introduced in the state legislature calling for a tweak in the wording to allow certain government officeholders — including the state comptroller — to be eligible to lead higher education institutions in Tennessee, provided they have a decade or more of service in the position. Morgan served as comptroller from 1999 to 2009.


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