Record fall enrollments

In Missouri:

As expected, several universities across the region opened for business Monday reporting record fall enrollment, fueled by large numbers of incoming freshmen.

The numbers won't be official for several weeks, but leading the way was the University of Missouri-Columbia, which expects to set records both in total enrollment and freshmen enrollment.

The school brought in 6,160 freshmen, nearly 10 percent more than last year's class of 5,620 freshmen. The school's total enrollment is just over 32,000, compared with 30,831 last fall, officials said.

The jump in enrollment at Missouri and other school is attributed, at least partly, to the fact that the state just had its largest high-school graduating class in decades - with the children of Baby Boomers moving through the system. That surge is expected to fade away over the next few years.
And in Indiana:

Indiana University looks a boom in statewide enrollment
Indiana University says the statewide fall semester enrollment at its eight campuses should set a new record with about 109,000 students.
IU officials say they expect about 2,000 more students than last year's record.


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