Wine institute brewing

We traveled topless to Boone and Blowing Rock last weekend and had a great time.  The temperature had to be 20 degrees cooler than Johnson City.  We stopped at a B. R. restaurant and had a local beer and barbecue nachos outside.  Oh, and I found a ten dollar bill on the street in Boone.  If it's yours, let me know...

“North Carolina is rapidly becoming a wine state,” Hardin said. “We believe that this is something that can greatly enhance the wine awareness for the state of North Carolina.”

The culinary portion of the institute will incorporate local food, he added.

“The High Country definitely needs to tap into [the local food movement] from a tourism perspective,” he said.

Once the steering committee completes its work, it will decide whether to proceed with the plan, and if so, it will then begin to put together a plan to raise funds for the institute. If feasible, the first fundraiser for the institute could take place during Blowing Rock’s Blue Ridge Wine and Food Festival in April 2011, where an official announcement about the new institute would be made.


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