Word from my hometown newspaper

Locally, our school system has eliminated most of the evening adult education programs, although this is talk that the Boys and Girls Club will pick some of them up.  This appears to be a trend, I'm afraid.  As I tell my wife, this is what happens when you're not a part of the core mission.

The importance of adult education
But adult education is not just another fun way to interact with people. It has very significant social purposes and enormous potential for impacting someone’s personal life.

For one thing, none of the many kinds of problems in our time - social, economic, environmental, spiritual - can be successfully addressed by educating only the young. After all, school kids don’t control the world they live in, and by the time they are ready to develop their full-time careers, which will bring some of them to leadership roles, they too will be adults who have probably stopped pursuing self-education, except for additional job training.

In fact, you could almost define “an adult” in our society as “someone who has stopped taking classes, and has quit reading for self-education.” This situation is especially ironic because Americans are now living longer, and in better health, than ever before, and older adults have more time than all earlier generations to expand their intellectual and spiritual horizons, to interact with their culture, and to make their lives more meaningful in the process.


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