ASAE & the Center's Principles of Learning

Designed to reflect best practices in adult learning.  ASAE is the American Society of Association Executives.  If you've never visited their website, you should.  I came across this brief outline, which adult and continuing educators might find useful. 

ASAE & The Center's Seven Principles of Learning
A Framework for Learning
At ASAE & The Center, our approach to learning is different. As much as possible, we try to put the attention on the learner and the impact of the learning, not on a "speaker." To help us achieve this goal, we adhere to the following principles in the design, delivery, and evaluation of our programs.

1.  Learning involves both support and challenge. You'll be encouraged to take risks, question assumptions, and fully engage in the learning process.

2.  Learning involves changing both thinking and action. You'll examine your own beliefs and consider new perspectives, while being provided with the tools to put ideas into action.

3.  Learning is an ongoing process of self-discovery. The Center's learning experiences will help you become more self-aware, gaining understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs.

4.  Participants need to feel that the learning experience is both relevant to their situation and authentic to them as a person. The Center's learning experiences will strive to relate the material directly to your own experiences.

5.  Learners and faculty should be involved as equal contributors in the learning process. The Center's learning experiences are designed to encourage you to become full partners in co-creating the learning experience.

6.  Learning is a social activity and happens best in the context of a trusting community. The Center's learning experiences provide a friendly, welcoming environment and strive to build personal connections and a sense of community among participants.

7.  Learning experiences should surprise and delight participants. The Center's learning experiences are fun, interesting and meaningful.


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