Candidates speak out on TBR Chancellor

Actually, I think Ramsey's comment is kind of funny.  Although wildly inaccurate.  You'd be surprised at how many McCain-Palin bumper stickers you still see on cars in the faculty/staff parking lots at universities in Tennessee.

Debate on Regents' selections heats up
In separate recent interviews, Haslam and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mike McWherter recently indicated they were comfortable with Morgan serving as Regents chancellor — McWherter more enthusiastically than Haslam.

Bredesen said that nothing was wrong with selecting a higher education leader who lacks a doctorate degree and that knowledge of state government is a plus. He noted that UT has had 'three failed presidents' with academic credentials after prior state-centered presidents — Andy Holt, Ed Boling and Joe Johnson — were successful.

Ramsey said he questioned the way the board dropped the doctorate requirement, though supporting the principle that academic credentials may be overrated. Many in the academic world, he said, 'step off campus and they're lost.'

"They like to get up in the morning, comb their beard, put on their wire-rim glasses, throw their little tweed vest on and go to school for three hours … and hate Republicans,' he said.


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