Continuing education job openings

Even in tough times, colleges and universities are still hiring. Here are some continuing education jobs from The Chronicle of Higher Education and

Austin Community College:  Director, Workforce Development

University of the Arts:  Associate Dean of Continuing StudiesAssistant Dean of Continuing Studies 

Athens State University:  Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning and Assistant Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning

Iowa State University:  Vice President for Extension and Outreach

Empire State College of State University of New York:  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dean of the Hudson Valley Center

University of North Carolina at Charlotte:  Director of Credit Programs

Cuesta College:  Dean of Academic Affairs Workforce and Economic Development

Penn StateRegional Director (Director of Continuing Education)

Rutgers:  Director, Center for Management Development

Le Moyne College:  Associate Director of the Center for Continuing Education

Clayton State UniversityDirector of Development and Training

Chatham UniversityDean of the College for Continuing and Professional Studies

Southwestern CollegeDean of Higher Education Center


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