And to think Drake paid for this branding effort.  I know what grade I would give it.  Although in the spirit of full disclosure, I would have to curve it, I'm afraid.  I have a soft spot in my heart for Drake since I taught my first graduate course there right after earning my Ph.D.  The logo comes from the Drake University Website.

Drake’s new “The D+ Advantage” recruiting campaign draws attention Des Moines Register Staff Blogs
Drake University officials recently unveiled a new recruiting campaign aimed at grabbing the attention of high school graduates who are bombarded with college admission materials. It pairs phrases such as “Your Passion + Our Experience” and “Your Potential + Our Opportunities.” But the part that is attracting the most attention is the logo: a large D+.

Drake’s website reads: “When we talk about D+, that’s what we mean. Every moment at Drake is one that has the power to educate, to transform, to open minds and to unleash potential — to introduce who you are, to who you hope to become.”

The campaign has sparked a strong reaction among current and former students, as well as faculty, prompting Tom Delahunt, Drake vice president for admission and student financial planning, and Debra Lukehart, Drake executive marketing director, to send out an e-mail to all faculty Tuesday morning.
Drake's New Ad Campaign Gets A Near-Failing Mark
Drake students have not taken kindly to the new theme, some seeing it as a tarnish on the university's reputation. Senior Josie Berg-Hammond said that the decision to use the new slogan was absent-minded and that a lot of people might not understand the meaning without further explanation.

"It just seems that there are so many other ways at promoting the school with funnier slogans that are eye-catching, without something that seems too obviously related to the grade D+, which is kind of like a joke of a grade," Berg-Hammond said.


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