For-profits and the G.I. Bill

Universities need to become as accessible as their for-profit competition to better serve veterans.  This is a market we can't lose. Who you gonna call?  Continuing education.

GI Bill tuition pouring into for-profit schools
For profit colleges are targeting soldiers and vets – and the US government’s footing the bill.

U.S. spending on veterans’ education will hit $9.5 billion this year thanks to additions to the GI Bill. But eight out of the top 10 colleges with the most Veterans Affairs-funded students are for-profit schools, like the University of Phoenix and the American Military University.

Students currently and formerly in the military are drawn to the flexible schedules and convenience of online courses and multiple campus locations. Some schools entice with tuition discounts for members of the armed forces.

For instance: Kaplan University lowers undergrad tuition by 55% for active-duty military and 38% for veterans.

In light of recent investigations into the underhanded recruiting practices of for-profit colleges, VA officials are increasingly concerned these schools are delivering expensive degrees that don’t translate into viable employment.


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