A grasshopper walks into a college bar

The bartender says, "Hey, we have a drink named after you!"  "Really," says the grasshopper.  "You have a drink named Bob?"  Ba-doom Pshh. Humor + Bugs + Higher Education = Great Learning Experience.

Best college class in the nation? Playboy magazine says it's at Oregon State
No surprise, this: For the editors of Playboy, bees do it.

Proof arrives with the news that those profound wordsmiths have dubbed an insect course the nation's best college class of 2010 because it combines humor with learning. Equally unsurprising: It's taught in that hotbed of erotica, Corvallis.

In "Far Side Entomology," which has infested Oregon State University's course catalog for more than two decades, students study the significant roles that insects play in human existence. But the course material isn't all dreary larva and pupa. Michael Burgett, a honeybee man and OSU professor emeritus, uses Gary Larson's hilarious "Far Side" insect cartoons to pique students' interest and prod their creativity.


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