Lumina Foundation and Ivy Tech teaming up

With IU Continuing Education to produce more college graduates.

Lumina Foundation backs Ivy Tech program for adult degrees
Indianapolis-based Lumina Foundation is extending a hefty helping hand to adult students with “some college” but no degree today.

Lumina is announcing it will support an Ivy Tech Foundation project that will enable Ivy Tech to team up with the Indiana University Division of Continuing Studies to get more adults into degree programs in general studies.

Through the partnership, Ivy Tech expects to produce 1,000 new graduates with associate degrees transferable to Indiana University. And IU will have its own partnership with the Manufacturing Institute — to help students earn industry-recognized certifications.

Nationwide, Lumina is giving $14.8 million to adult education programs.

Ivy Tech Foundation will get $784,200 to be used on its 28 campuses and several instructional centers to re-enroll former students who left college with at least 45 credits and get them back in class and headed toward a 4-year degree at IU.


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