Noel-Levitz and CAEL study on adult learner satisfaction available

Nothing startling in the report, but it does a fine job of reminding us what adult learners feel is important.  The report breaks its findings down into Four-Year College and University findings and Community College findings.  I've listed below the link a list of challenges for the four-year group--challenges in areas of high importance to adult learners but low satisfaction as served by the institutions:

Adult Learner Satisfaction Priorities Report: 2010
Challenges (high importance/low satisfaction):

• My instructors provide timely feedback about my academic progress.
• I receive timely responses to my requests for help and information.
• Sufficient course offerings within my program of study are available each term.
• I am able to choose course delivery that fits my life circumstances.
• I receive the help I need to make decisions about courses and programs that interest me.
• Billing for tuition and fees is tailored to meet my specific needs.


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