Race to the top

Where you can pack heat and eat a nice meal in Nashville.

Along with hours, entrée prices, beer selections and smoking policies, diners and drinkers might want to know another key piece of information before choosing a restaurant or bar: Will anyone be packing?

A new website will try to answer that question, letting diners know which Nashville establishments allow guns inside and which ones prohibit them.

The site, http://www.gunfreediningtennessee.org/, made its debut Friday in response to a new state law that allows gun carry permit holders to bear arms in any establishment that serves alcohol unless the owner explicitly bans guns. Permit holders aren't allowed to drink while carrying.

Ray Friedman, a Vanderbilt University management professor, and his daughter, Toni, a Hume-Fogg High School student, started the website and a nonprofit organization, Gun Free Dining Tennessee.


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