This is no way to get the college vote

But, of course, I can't speak for all the nuts.  Gingrich was speaking from Pella, Iowa; a lovely place.

Gingrich: University staffers are liberal ‘nuts’
Gingrich made the comment when asked about how to address political correctness in the education system. He advocated dumping teacher credentials in some situations to favor adjunct-type instructors. A practicing pharmacist, for example, probably could teach more effectively an hour a day than a chemistry teacher.

Citizen instructors also wouldn’t place pressure upon retirement systems or pay union dues and be able to teach freely, he said.

He continued:

“The other thing you also have to do is figure out how you’re going to take on political correctness in universities . . . They only recruit from people who are nuts. You end up with people who are so far to the left that they are literally not in contact with reality.”


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