This will attract adult students back to your college

In continuing higher education, we often deal with mature students who had enjoyed their earlier college years much too much.  Often, their poor grades from a decade or more earlier are an imposing barrier.  Grade forgiveness policies can help overcome this barrier.  I wonder, though, if anyone has ever tracked how students using grade forgiveness perform when they come back?  Anecdotally, we assume most succeed.  But my personal experience dealing with re-admitting students who had been academically dismissed from the university has been mixed.  Some succeed; some don't.

When the economy recently soured, however, and her job as a skin specialist at a spa was threatened, the 30-year-old Haddon Township woman decided to go back to her alma mater, Camden County College.

She was in for a shock. Her grades - including a bunch of F's incurred when she failed to withdraw from courses after a serious car crash - were still on file, creating a grade-point average that could be hard to overcome.

Then an adviser recommended an academic-forgiveness program, which allows returning students to reset their GPA and start over.

Doubts about returning quickly evaporated, Arroyo said, making her "100 percent sure I wanted to come back."


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