Dr. Grammar is IN

At the University of Northern Iowa.  And I've been looking for job when I retire since my wife didn't like my idea of traveling around to different festivals making and selling funnel cakes.

UNI's grammar expert can save you from language gaffes
Dr. Grammar treats awkward word usage and grammar gaffes, which language experts view as an epidemic.

The interactive online writing service targets students, government workers, business people and other writers, anywhere in the world, who need a nudge. The tool exemplifies a growing effort nationally to refine writing, researchers say.

Linda Adkins, a University of Northern Iowa writing instructor who was named Dr. Grammar last week, offers what dictionaries and grammar guides can't: a personal touch. She diagnoses and treats each case through an "ask a question" feature on the Dr. Grammar website.

Adkins, 64, learned the value of good writing outside the classroom as a young secretary in the 1960s.


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