KACL fall classes to feature Appalachia from prehistoric times to the present, all about DNA, legal pitfalls using Facebook and more

 Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 12, and continuing for six weeks, the Kingsport Alliance for Continued Learning (KACL) will offer weekday classes on a variety of subjects presented by authorities in the fields of history, law, economics, art, and travel.

Morning classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will run from 10 a.m. – noon, while afternoon classes are from 1:30–3:30 p.m. Classes are held on the campus of ETSU at Kingsport, 1501 University Blvd., near Allandale Mansion, with the exception of a day trip to Wilderness Road State Park in Ewing, Va., and Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate.

KACL, in partnership with East Tennessee State University, has arranged a diverse series of courses with experts from many fields who welcome questions and comments from the participants. There are no grades, homework or tests.

For a fee of $45, enrollees can take advantage of any or all the classes. And this year, in light of the tight economic situation, the KACL board has decided to continue the policy that additional members of the immediate family can enroll for only $22 each. Also, any person who is interested in trying KACL courses may sample a single class free of charge.

Tuesday mornings will focus on the popular “Around the World” series with discussions led by visitors to England, Thailand, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Greece. Topics include British culture, the deadly tsunami in Thailand, the Khmer Civilization of Southeast Asia, the Trojan Horse, and the Parthenon of ancient Greece.

Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings are devoted to historical perspectives. Discussions will include Appalachian topics such as archeology, prehistoric man, the Cherokee Nation, wars in Appalachia from the European settlement through the Civil War and present day conflicts. Another session will discuss Field Marshall Montgomery, emphasizing his role in WWII. Other classes explain what happened to the Twelve Apostles and new developments in Kingsport. Economic history will focus on the life and accomplishments of Alexander Hamilton as well as a return visit from ETSU’s Dr. Step Hipple, who will explore the economic climate of the near future.

On Thursday mornings, Dave Haga will continue his exploration of early American history, with this semester devoted to the Revolutionary War.

Thursday afternoons will feature a variety of topics including Bob Arrington discussing legal issues arising from dispute resolution and the risks associated with modern social networking, including Facebook, blogging and Twitter. Other topics will be DNA in forensic applications and genetic research.

A visit is planned to the new Kingsport Center for Higher Education in downtown Kingsport to learn more about the expansion of higher education in Northeast Tennessee. Students will discuss Japanese films as an art form, explore art works from the walls of Pompeii and learn about new strategic directions for the United States Navy for the 21st century.

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, a day trip will include a visit to Wilderness Road State Park to learn about life on the frontier in the 1700s, as Daniel Boone prepared to open settlement of lands west of the Appalachians. From there, the tour continues to Lincoln Memorial University and a lecture on the highlights of Abraham Lincoln’s life, followed by a tour of the Lincoln Museum. Bus transportation has been arranged, but seating is limited and requires a fee of $35 for registered KACL members or $45 for others.

For additional information about KACL or more details for the trip to Wilderness Road State Park and LMU on October 12, call Gwen Bays, ETSU at Kingsport, at (423) 392-8000.


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