Like they say in West

Back when the ACHE Conference was in Nashville, I spent some time posting instructions on how to speak Southern so as to enhance the conference experience for all involved. Also, I was fairly conversant in the lingo, thanks to my friends in low places. I didn't do the same for Philadelphia because, well, it was the North. Since we're in Albuquerque this Fall for ACHE, I thought I'd provide the same service I did for Nashville.

Here are some choice terms from Western Slang, Lingo & Phrases.

Cap the Climax - To beat all, surpass everything.

Cowboy Cocktail - Straight whiskey

Death On - Very fond of or very talented at. He made a "death on" speech at last night’s meeting.

Doggery - A cheap saloon

Exfluncticate - To utterly destroy.

Feeze - To be in a feeze is to be in a state of excitement.

Growlers - Buckets, cans, or pitchers carried by apprentices or children to the saloon to be filled with beer and returned to the workplace during the day. They were called "growlers" because of the grating noise when slid across the bar. Fetching the beer from the saloon in a growler was called rushing the growler, working the growler, or chasing the can

Jingled - Drunk

Judus Steer - Part of the cowboy's job during the drive was to identify the Judas steer. Once at the end of the trail, the Judas could simply lead the other cattle to slaughter with no hassle. If a particularly good Judas was found, he was spared the meat hook and used again.

Loaded for Bears - Lightly intoxicated.

Loaded to the Gunwhales - Full out drunk

Mucks, Mux - to make a muddle or failure of anything. "He made a regular mux of the whole business."


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