Norvel Burkett retires

A colleague, friend, and longtime continuing educator has retired from the University of Tennessee. Norvel was active in ACHE and is a former president of the Tennessee Alliance for Continuing Higher Education.  He actually had two careers in continuing education--he spent 18 years at UT after spending 26 at Mississippi State University.  He must have started out as a child.

UT colleagues say farewell to Dr. Norvel L. Burkett
Burkett served as associate dean, interim dean, dean, and finally assistant provost and director of outreach and continuing education in his 18 years at UT. . . . 
Burkett has been an active member and instrumental leader of the Tennessee Alliance for Continuing Higher Education since 1992.

In 2006 he received the TACHE’s Barbara Beeler Award, which recognizes an individual who has a documented record of mentoring new members and improving the professional life of continuing education practitioners in the organization.


Darrin Devault said…

Thanks for mentioning Norvel in your blog.

He will be missed.

Darrin Devault
UT Outreach & Continuing Education

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