Speaking as an alum, maybe the incentives should have gone to the students....

University of Iowa sees decline in Friday classes
The University of Iowa's plan to get students into classrooms on Fridays to curb drinking on Thursday nights isn't working as well as administrators had hoped.

The idea started in 2007, the university detailed a plan to offer faculty members incentives to hold more classes on Fridays. There was an increase in Friday classes in 2008, but a 2010 registrar report shows a decline since.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen reported Wednesday that the school is offering fewer Friday classes because officials say students aren't signing up for them. Kathryn Hall, director of academic programs and student development in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, said faculty don't want to schedule classes that will be cut because of low enrollment.

"It's a dilemma," Hall said. "You'd think it would be an easy thing to fix, but it's not."


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