You and me could write a bad romance

This comes from the University of South Carolina student newspaper.

Deflem is confident in his Gaga knowledge to teach the course, and doesn't seem to doubt his sociological abilities either.

"I've been in sociology for 30 years," Deflem said. "So I think I know what it takes to be a sociologist in the sense that I think I know how to sociologically analyze a particular sociological issue, whether that issue is law or something like popular culture."

In the beginning, the course will deal with the sociology of popularity in general. The first couple weeks probably won't be about Lady Gaga at all. But then the Gaga scenario will be used as a real-life example detailing sociological traits. More specific information about the course content can be found at - a site Deflem has already created for the class.

"Initially I thought I should call the course the Sociology of Fame or the Sociology of Celebrity, and then I was going to use Lady Gaga as an example," Deflem said. "Then I thought, ‘Oh, what the hell? Let's make the whole freaking course about Lady Gaga and her rise to fame.'"

From Deflem's point of view, he doesn't believe it is going to be a terribly difficult course. It will, however, be very demanding in terms of workload.


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