Branding 101

Hmmm.  Good advice but this reminds me of internal marketing.  I'm too old school, I guess.  This comes from Brand Manager's Notebook.

Brand Buzz Without Advertising
Let’s say you’re a mid-sized private university with perhaps 400 faculty and staff, 5,000 students, and 30,000 reachable alumni. That’s an army of 35,400 brand-advocates-in-waiting. These are people who, by and large, want to be excited about the brand. They want to promote and support the organization, and they have a vested personal interest in doing so.

More than that. They have credibility. One-to-one communication is the best you can get, more forceful, believable, and motivational than paid advertising. And your website and social networking platforms open up a whole world of low-cost communications avenues.

The trick is to build social currency among internal stakeholders. Social currency is how willing people are to share information and opinion about your institution as a part of their everyday lives at work and in social interaction.

So internal communications should always be the central focus of your brand marketing efforts, with two simple but crucial objectives that transform stakeholders into brand champions:
1.Faculty, staff, students, and alumni have to know what you stand for
2.They have to believe in what you stand for
Not much advertising budget? No worries. Focus on building brand advocates by conveying to internal stakeholders what your organization stands for, and why it’s important to them. They’ll take your brand where it needs to go.


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