Layoffs begin at UT

But don't blame the end of stimulus funding. From

University of Tennessee notifies 11 of June layoff
The University of Tennessee notified 11 people last week in its Office of Alumni and Development Affairs that they will be laid off.

The employees will continue to work until June, when the fiscal year ends and the university faces $56 million in budget cuts. The department will likely create three new higher-paid positions next year.

Between the layoffs and the creation of the three new positions, the department estimates a savings of $283,763.

It's not clear whether there will be more layoffs in the future, said Margie Nichols, vice chancellor for communications at UT.

"We've really tried to manage (budget cuts) with stimulus and attrition, but as the date gets closer, I can't say definitively yes or no," Nichols said.

Most of the budget cuts have been plugged for the last two years with federal stimulus money, but that will run out June 30, the end of the fiscal year.

Though there are hundreds of employees on campus being paid with stimulus money and who know their jobs are in jeopardy when the funding runs out, the 11 employees notified last week were not among them.


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