News from my alma maters

Which may be of no interest to anyone but me.  It does show the courage of UI to cancel its doctorate in statistical genetics, among others.  It also may well show that entertainment is hard to come by in Macomb, Illinois.

U of I eliminates 6 grad programs The Des Moines Register
The University of Iowa recently closed six graduate programs, and up to six more could be on the way out by summer, a school official said last week.

The programs were terminated for reasons including lack of interest and duplication, said John Keller, dean of graduate programs.

Those first cuts were the easy ones, he said. The U of I is being "a little more cautious" with the other changes, he said..
More security at WIU after 6 bomb threats
Western Illinois University is beefing up security in its dorms following half a dozen bomb threats in recent weeks.

School officials said Friday they've hired extra police officers and have Illinois State Police patrolling campus. In addition, police will be assigned to dorms 24 hours a day.

WIUM Radio in Macomb reported that the sixth bomb threat was found on a note in the Higgins Hall dormitory late Thursday. Police swept the building, and students were allowed back in shortly after midnight.

The threats began Oct. 25. Police arrested an 18-year-old Chicagoan after the first threat. He is awaiting trial.

The school is offering up to $10,000 for information that leads to an arrest.

Earlier this week, WIU officials said while they cannot elaborate much about the threats while the situation is being investigated, a subpoena has been issued "in relation to the investigation."

In a statement posted on the university website, the school administration says it "would be a great disservice to our students if the University was shut down due to these threats, which we do not believe are valid. Closing the institution plays into the hands of the individual(s) responsible for these threats."


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