Now if we can just get Gen Y to come to work on time

And, oh yeah, don't criticize the work they do.  Penelope Trunk argues their case below.

Why Gen Y is Better at Your Job Than You Are BNET
The truth is, the older set-I’ll let you define that-has a bunch of shortcomings when it comes to competing with today’s workforce. Management consultant Stephen Denning has a great little history of management in his new book, The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management.. He points out that managers of the 20th century were trained to supervise people to get them to do stuff, to perform tasks. But now that most people are knowledge workers and not semi-skilled workers, we need managers who inspire, motivate, and encourage collaboration-managers, even, who care about the well-being of their employees and strive to make the workplace meaningful. And that’s not a corporate world where the older set is generally comfortable.

Yup, I’m arguing that Gen Y - that age-group that gets dumped on for acting all entitled - can teach you something about making it in the modern workforce. A lot, actually, because Gen Y is more prepared and has an advantage over older folks with far more experience.


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