Oklahoma State professor challenges colleges and universities to change

OSU officials discuss the role of creativity at colleges, universities
At a time when public colleges and universities are facing a variety of challenges, including competition from for-profit institutions and a decline in traditional funding sources, Morris said it is essential to embrace entrepreneurial thinking. He said students, staff, faculty and administrators should be encouraged to take calculated risks and capitalize on opportunities.

Too many universities are bogged down by bureaucratic processes, Morris said. He said many have become like ivory towers that are too far removed from society.

University officials and professors are not inherently bureaucratic, Morris said. Rather, he said they are innately creative. Schools can tap into that creativity and leverage it to create innovative solutions to problems.

Entrepreneurship needs to extend beyond the narrow confines of the business school, Morris said. He said too many people associate entrepreneurship with starting new business ventures. The true definition is much broader, Morris said.

Entrepreneurship at a university has to encompass all levels of the campus community, from students to groundskeepers to administrators, Morris said. Oklahoma State University is working to promote entrepreneurship through culture building, curriculum, infrastructure and other approaches.


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