More on improving your presentation

It's time to plan your presentations for the ACHE Annual Conference and Meeting in Orlando. To help you get ready, here's Chris Brogan with some valuable Presentation Tune-Ups :
The first thing that surprises me when I talk to people about their presentations is that they don’t have a plan. They have slides, and those are arranged in an order, but if I shut their laptop lid, there is absolutely no plan. To understand what I mean, try answering these questions:
My main goal of this presentation is for the audience to ______.
The top 3 things I need the audience to take away from this presentation are ____, ____, _____.
In the first few minutes (no more than 2), I will capture this audience by _____.
If my gear dies, the main 3 things I will tell them are ____, ____ , ____.
If they start looking bored or confused, I will shift gears by _______.
At the end of this presentation, I want people to ______.
When I’m done the presentation, I will _____ .
When following up with people after this presentation, I will offer them _____.
Does that sound like a lot? These 8 points that might help you feel much more prepared before your next spot on a stage. It works the same if you’re a panelist or the keynote, if you’re in the office pitching to the boss, or if you’re speaking in front of your daughter’s third grade class.


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