Show me the care

I wish my university would show its indifference to me just like Google recently showed its employees.  Insult me with a pay increase.  Actually, the Evil HR Lady has a point that across the board raises are easy and inefficient.  Still....

Google’s 10% Raise: We Don’t Care About Our Employees BNET
But, why aren’t I singing Google’s praises? Because this type of increase actually shows how little they value their employees. Oh, I know, they think it shows the opposite. But, the truth is, if you want good employees, you need to value them differently.

Why? Because your low performers now feel justified in their slacker attitudes–”hey, I’ve been playing Farmville all day and I still got a 10 percent increase! Yippee!” And your high performers now feel like the received a lousy raise and are now going to be less satisfied with their salaries then they were before. Honest. You’ve just shown them you value them exactly the same as the low performers.

And if you truly are a high performer, you won’t turn the raise down (because you’re not stupid), but you won’t pull your resume out of consideration at Facebook either. In fact, your bargaining power at the competitors just increased because you’re walking in with a higher base salary. (And for many stupid reasons, companies like to base new hire salaries on the candidate’s previous salary.)


Suzanne Lucas said…
For the record, I wouldn't turn down a 10% raise from BNET either. :>) But, I'm happy there and am not looking to abandon them.

Thanks for the comments and link.

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