This reminds me

A little bit of the logic behind the Complete College Act.  Follow me here. If men with mustaches make more money, can we improve the economy by adding incentives for all men to grow mustaches?  Will more mustaches mean higher wages?  Will this rising hairy tide raise all boats? 

Of course, I'm kidding around.  As a continuing educator, I do believe in the transformative power of higher education, and I do believe that a better educated workforce improves the economy.  But increasing the number of college graduates in a state only improves the state economy if the degrees those folks hold are meaningful.  But everyone understands this...

Drink & Go Blonde? 7 Ways to Make More Money
Grow a Mustache

OK, maybe these guys aren’t completely objective, but a group called the American Mustache Institute says its survey found that men with mustaches earned 8.2 percent more than men with beards and 4.3 percent more than clean-shaven men.


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