Thus spake the woolly worm

Figuratively, of course.  The seer of the 33rd Annual Woolly Worm Festival predicts the mountain winter--contrasted with a more scientific forecast.

Woolly Worm Jack, trained by 5-year-old Cole Peurifoy of Concord, begins his predictions starting with the winter solstice on Tuesday, December 21. Based on the width and order of the caterpillar’s black and brown stripes, cold and snowy weather is expected through the holidays and into late January.

Beginning in the last week of January, there will be a bit of a warming trend; the first week of February will see a change with possible ice. The cold will continue through March, which is expected to see less-than-normal temperatures; the weeks leading to the spring equinox on March 20, 2011 will see the winter close with lots of snow.


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