Will North Carolina budget cuts close a campus?

The UNC President plays the shut down card.
Shut down a UNC campus?
UNC President Erskine Bowles is broaching something many would surely view unthinkable: If budget cuts continue at higher levels than now anticipated, might an entire public university campus be shut down?

"If you have 20 percent budget cuts, you'll have to think about closing down campuses," Bowles told members of the UNC system's Board of Governors today. "Period."

That was the second time this morning Bowles broached that notion - an extreme one, no doubt, but one he said would be preferable in the long term than continually chipping away at the budgets of all campuses.

"If we keep having cuts, cuts, cuts, we'll have to look at eliminating schools - campuses," he said. "If it went on for several years, that would be the smart decision. The unfortunate, smart decision."


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