A college president looks back

On how continuing education changed his college.

Lakeland College prepares for evolving work force greenbaypressgazette.com Green Bay Press Gazette
Lakeland in the 1970s was among the first colleges in the Fox River Valley to offer bachelor's degree programs for working adults. The move was the vision of William Kellett, former Kimberly-Clark Corp. president and member of Lakeland's board of trustees.

Gould said Kellett had been involved with the state's commission on higher learning and was concerned about challenges graduates from two-year colleges faced when trying to transfer credits to a four-year college or university.

"Back then, credits were not transferable, and Bill saw that as an inefficient and awkward system," Gould said. "A lot of people had two-year degrees, and after a certain point many wanted to complete a four-year degree, but couldn't afford the time away from work."

That ultimately paved the way for Lakeland to establish partnerships with the state's technical college system, making it easier for its students to transfer credits. Among the first partnerships was with Fox Valley Technical College.


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