Extending continuing education to the high school

We do some of this with dual enrollment, but we haven't had much luck with high school students attending summer school.  And I'm sure we could register students as young as 10 in any credit class.  But it may be time to look at it again. 

I think the DoSC mission is interesting.  It seems broader than most in continuing education.  How does yours compare?

Rutgers Continuing Studies and HEROES offer $2,700 in Talent Search Scholarships
Rutgers University's Division of Continuing Studies (“DoCS”) and Higher Education, Resources and Opportunities for Exceptional Scholars (“HEROES”) today announced that they will award $2,700 in scholarships in conjunction with a Talent Search. The Talent Search is designed to identify exceptionally gifted middle school and high school students, recognize them for their exceptional academic aptitude and help them access academic opportunities designed for exceptionally able students.

Elizabeth Beasley, Director, New Brunswick Summer & Special Projects at Rutgers University states, "We are delighted to be able to recognize exceptional younger scholars through this Talent Search program, in partnership with HEROES. At the Rutgers New Brunswick campus, we have seen a growing number of younger students (aged 10-17) register for university courses in Summer Session - and perform exceedingly well. We hope to use the Talent Search program to increase awareness of university resources and programs available to these younger, gifted students." . . .
The mission of DoCS is to provide distributed and lifelong access to Rutgers University through education, training, research, service and knowledge transfer to communities throughout New Jersey and beyond. DoCS has actively worked to serve NJ's gifted students by creating a new Gifted Education Certificate Program for educators, providing High School Summer Scholars Scholarships, offering Summer Program at Rutgers for Kids ("SPARK") and sponsoring the annual HEROES Conference.


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