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On the Higher Reach blog. Josh Pennino reports on the LERN conference held last month.  I wonder what number five means?  Maybe someone can help interpret? 
Top Ten Things Overheard At LERN
10. The times have changed… why haven’t your course offerings? (And simply rewriting course titles won’t get you there). 
9. You really don’t use ratios to measure the success of your offerings? So how do you know if you’re doing well or not?

8. Highlight career opportunities at the beginning of the process, not at the end. Linking a program to an actual outcome makes selling much easier.

7. Chicago is my kind of town!

6. Does your staff have the tools they need to be successful? And if so, do they know what to do with them?

5. Remember number 8 from our ACHE learnings…?

4. Is Lumens / LERN one company? Are you sure?

3. I don’t understand twitter either, but that’s not the point. The next generation of learners needs you to figure it out. Quickly.

2. 50% of every promotion dollar is wasted, the difficult question is – which 50%? Do your promotion techniques really work? How do you know?

1. The future is here… hybrid courses!


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