I may have mentioned something earlier about liking my iPhone

Daniel Hamermesh offers help for the climate- challenged iPhone user.  And boy have we been climate-challenged around here lately.

How to Stay Warm While Operating Your iPhone in the Cold
New technologies give rise to other new technologies and complementary goods. I love my iPhone and, living in a warm climate, I always have fingers warm enough to operate the heat-sensitive letters on its screen. But in a cold climate, I would have the same problem others have — I would have to choose between being able to operate the iPhone and having warm fingers. The two are no longer mutually exclusive: Companies are marketing mittens and gloves with fold-over buttonable fingers, so you can briefly expose your warm, functioning fingers to punch in letters and numbers on the iPhone, and keep your fingers warm when not using the device. Human ingenuity, even in a minor area like this, is truly remarkable.


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