Now I understand

The reference to ACHE in the Higher Reach report on the LERN Conference.  I missed this earlier posting by Charles Mehl and Josh Pennino.

Top Ten Things Overheard at ACHE
10) Budgets are shrinking (again…?) and we need to do more with less. New technologies are part of the solution.

9) A tough fiscal environment requires more diligent strategic planning.

8) Why isn’t Destiny Solutions at ACHE this year?

7) Think like Google by applying Google business principles to continuing education: Innovate, measure, capture, and then innovate again.

6) America’s workforce needs to be rebuilt and we need to do it. Let’s stay ahead of the curve and be there for the future.

5) Did you know that the new president of ACHE is a Jenzabar client?

4) Effective grant writing can make a huge difference in funding growth. Don’t overlook the importance of this capability.

3) Adult learners come in various forms and fashions, but most require the same “academic triage” services.

2) McCain and Palin aren’t the only Mavericks: difficult times require radical decision making all around.

1) Wow – how can the University of Oklahoma send so many people to ACHE each year?!


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