Email message from Cleveland State

Another vanishing continuing education unit.  Let me be the first to predict that once programs move to the academic departments, they will disappear.  Starved to death.
We're writing to let you know that effective July 1, 2011, responsibility for continuing education programs is moving to academic departments at Cleveland State. The Division of Continuing Education will no longer exist after that time. However, some programs will be available through other departments in the fall or beyond.

Transition plans for this change are underway currently. Our English as a Second Language Program will definitely be continued, as will Emergency Preparedness programs and the Patient Advocacy Certificate Program. We also expect that the Nursing Refresher Course and our GMAT, GRE, and LSAT Test Prep programs will continue. We are actively working with academic departments to identify other programs that will continue. We are confident that Cleveland State will offer professional development and training programs in the future.

If you are pursuing a certificate program through the Division of Continuing Education, we strongly encourage you to finish it this semester. Check our Winter/Spring Schedule for the courses you need.

We' re offering dozens of professional development courses from January through May 2011, including over 20 certificate programs that can be completed this semester. This winter is a great time to take advantage of many opportunities to enhance your skills or add new credentials to your resume.

We will update our website when more information about the coming change and specific program continuation is available. We look forward to serving you in the next several months. Meanwhile, please contact us at  or (216) 687-2144 with any questions.

Thank you.


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