The Huffington Post gives ETSU an A

I first mentioned this ranking last fall, with comparison grades for other universities in the state. 

Soon after a new study showed that nearly half of college students learn a negligible amount while in school, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni released a report identifying schools that push students to obtain well-rounded educations.

The report (PDF) and correlating website, titled "What Will They Learn," evaluated 718 national colleges and universities according to their general education requirements.

Those schools that have requirements in six or seven of the seven subjects identified as essential by the Council -- composition, literature, foreign language, U.S. government or history, economics, mathematics and natural or physical sciences -- earned an "A," while those that required zero or one of them got a failing mark. To determine which schools' requirements fit the bill, the Council looked through core requirements and course descriptions available online and through catalogues.


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