It probably fattened up on barbecue

Legendary giant crayfish species discovered in Tennessee
In Tennessee, reports recently surfaced of a gigantic crayfish that no one had ever seen before. Much to their surprise, researchers found one hiding under a rock.

This crayfish is twice as big as its relatives, and there's only one other previously known species that's even remotely similar. This other species, Barbicambarus cornutus, was discovered in 1884 about 130 miles away in Kentucky, and can get as big as a lobster. This new crayfish has been named Barbicambarus simmonsi, with its species named for the scientist who discovered it. The Barbicambarus genus is unusual outside just its size, with tiny-hair like bristles on its antennae that look like tiny beards.

Considering how unusual such a creature is, aquatic biologist and co-discoverer Chris Taylor is convinced no one had ever seen this species before.


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