I've stayed in some low places in Pigeon Forge

But never here, thank goodness. The Tennessee Alliance for Continuing Higher Education will meet nearby this fall, in Gatlinburg, at the Park Vista--a wonderful hotel.

Hotel in Pigeon Forge TN tops list of nation's 10 dirtiest
The Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., has been named the dirtiest hotel in America, according to traveler ratings on TripAdvisor.

Nearly 90 percent of those who reviewed the Pigeon Forge property recommended against staying there, said TripAdvisor, which released a top ten list of America’s dirtiest hotels this morning.

Travelers titled their reviews “Worst hotel stay of my life,” “Stay anywhere else but here,” and “Absolutely horrible!”

“We believe that candid reviews — good, bad and ugly — empower travelers to see it all so they can plan and experience the best possible trips,” said Karen Drake, TripAdvisor spokeswoman.

It is the first year the East Tennessee hotel has made the list, TripAdvisor said.


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