Preparing for a faculty job interview?

The Tenured Radical offered some advice on how to prepare:

Tell Us About Your Dissertation: And Other Commonly Fumbled Interview Questions
As has been frequently indicated over the four years of Tenured Radical's existence, Interviewing R Us. Why? Well, it is probably not too modest to say that over the years we have interviewed a great many people in hotel rooms, been interviewed by more than a few hiring committees ourselves, and have hung out in the bar afterward talking to other hiring committees about what they saw that day. Over time, we have developed a perspective on what works and what doesn't. It isn't the only perspective, but to paraphrase Monty Python, it is the perspective which is ours.

So for those of you lucky enough to have AHA or MLA interviews, here is our list of the most frequent fumbles and how to avoid them.


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