The gutting of higher education in Nevada

Things are awful in the Silver State. From the Las Vegas Sun.

UNLV president’s somber warning on budget cuts moves faculty to tears
“This amounts to foreclosure,” said Greg Brown, a history professor and president of the Nevada Faculty Alliance, a professor group.

Michael Bowers, UNLV’s provost, noted that UNLV is 54 years old and that he has worked there 27 years. “I never thought this day would come, but we have to plan,” he said.

The emotional display was unprecedented, Bowers said after the meeting, “because we’ve never had a situation like this before.”

He has asked five senior officials, including the athletic director, to identify cuts by Feb. 25 because $25 million in cuts have to be planned for by this July and $22.5 million by next July, the start of another fiscal year.

“We have to have a plan in place immediately,” Bowers said.


If your concerned about Nevada's Higher Education budget cuts, join our petition to the Nevada legislature:

Please send this link to everyone you's so important.

Many thanks!
-A concerned student in Northern NV

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