If we keep doing more with less

Pretty soon we're trying to do everything with nothing. The Huffinton Post lists the 13 states facing the largest higher education cutbacks for next year.  Missouri is looking at the largest cut: 13.5%.  Surprisingly, the only Southern state in the top is South Carolina, facing a cut of 9.3%.

States Facing The Biggest Higher Ed Cutbacks In 2011
According to newly released data, many states are facing a massive decline in state and federal support this year.

Grapevine's annual survey, published by Illinois State University's Center for the Study of Education Policy and the State Higher Education Executive Officers, details the amount of funding each states receives toward higher education.

This year, Grapevine predicts that even considering federal stimulus funds, only 16 states will see their higher ed budget grow, with Wyoming seeing the largest increase of 24.7 percent. Only North Dakota and Montana are expected to maintain a stable budget.

The remaining states will experience losses.


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